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The Lemon Verbena Aromatic Candle from Beau Vie is a stunning, all-natural candle that will fill your home with delightful citrusy and woodsy scents. Light the wick and be transported to the sunny Mediterranean through delightful notes of Sicilian lime and lemon verbena. This exclusive artisanal candle is perfect for those looking for an all-natural product crafted with the highest quality ingredients. Delight family and friends alike by bringing light and scent to any room in your home or office to invite tranquility, refreshment, warmth, and elegance into your space. Our Lemon Verbena Aromatic Candle is sure to delight and is a perfect gift for yourself or loved ones. Whether you are hosting a gathering or looking for a luxurious everyday experience for yourself; enjoy calming vibes while also celebrating beauty at its finest.

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