Beau Vie is a luxury fragrance house that specializes in crafting fragrant accessories for the home. Blending artistry and science, we elevate the ordinary to extraordinary, enchanting your home with evocative aroma.

The story of Beau Vie began with a basement and a dream, as well as a deep rooted belief in the power of fragrance and its ability to stimulate the mind. Our artisinal fragrances are extensively researched and carefully crafted; they represent our own unique spin on some of the finest home fragrances that have ever been brought to market. They elevate a line of home accessories which remains mostly made by hand.

In a world that is ever evolving, Beau Vie is a simple reminder to stop and smell the roses. In a world full of distractions, Beau Vie provides a sense of sanctuary, helping you to center your mind.

Always enjoy   Beau Vie -  your beautiful life.

At Beau Vie, we believe in the power of sanctuary - and kindness too! A percentage of every Beau Vie product sold is donated to Mingus Manor, a rescue operation that provides sanctuary to aging dogs, as well as dogs with physical limitations, who are often unable to find loving homes. It is a cause that is dear to the hearts of our founders.

Beau Vie ships throughout the entire United States and many international destinations. For more information on our products, shipping or ordering online, reach out anytime by filling out the short form on our contact page.