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Bring the beauty of nature into your home with a Beau Vie Fig Aromatic Candle. Our fig scent captures the essence of the fig tree with its warm bark, fresh leaves, and sweet, medicinal fruit for an ambiance that’s both inviting and exciting. Perfect for any room to create a soothing feeling of serenity. This all-natural fragrance is made with plant-based essential oils to provide an aroma that’s both long-lasting and gentle on the environment. Richly scented and bursting with elegant botanicals, it's sure to please your nose as well as relax your soul and senses. Whether you want to add a bit of springtime freshness to your décor or offer up a new combination of natural fragrances year-round, our Fig Aromatic Candle has something to offer everyone who loves all-natural beauty indoors or outdoors. Try out these beautiful aromas today and make your home more enjoyable while reducing stress!

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