If scented candles play a key role in the atmosphere and ambiance of your home, you don’t need any reminders of just how many options there are to select from. Unfortunately, finding just the right candles can be a real guessing game. New brands are constantly popping up, and even many of the old favorites have undergone reformulation as a measure of cutting costs. If this sounds all too familiar, we invite you to discover what makes Beau Vie scented candles a favorite among those who refuse to settle for compromised quality.

Luxury scented candles and products by Beau Vie

At Beau Vie, we understand how frustrating the process of shopping for the perfect candles can be, and are proud to offer a diverse line of premium scented candles that are unlike anything available in today’s market. Here’s just a sampling of what makes them so unique, and why so many of our long-time customers continue to trust our commitment to exceptional quality:

  • All of our scented candles are handmade in America and individually labeled
  • We use the purest perfumes available to yield scents that are strong and pleasing
  • Our candles are among the most potent available, with a 15% perfume-to-wax ratio
  • We’re proud to make candles with some of the longest burn times in the industry
  • Many of todays’ most popular candles use a 4% perfume load and burn quickly
  • One dollar of every Beau Vie product sold is donated to local no-kill dog shelters
  • Our collection of superior-quality candles features more than 20 unique fragrances

If you’ve had it with scented candles that lose their aroma, burn out too quickly, or don’t provide the value and artisan-grade craftsmanship you’re seeking, Beau Vie might be exactly what you’ve been looking for. Browse our full collection of premium scented candles and order online with complete confidence, or get in touch with our staff for more detailed information on what makes them so special.

Beau Vie has been manufacturing exceptional home products over the past three decades, with safety, potency, and consistency at the heart of everything we do.