Luxury home fragrances can be a positive addition to any home. Whether you use candles, reed diffusers, or room sprays, there are advantages to improving and creating a memorable scent. From physical to emotional benefits to a simply better-smelling house, see how luxury home fragrances can improve your living conditions.

Benefits of luxury home fragrances

Benefits of Luxury Home Fragrances:

1. Create a Welcoming Ambiance
When you welcome a guest into your home, they don’t notice the furniture, decorations, or whether you have hardwood flooring first. Of the five senses, scent is often the first that is noticed. Create a warm, welcoming atmosphere for your company with an artisan-grade candle, reed diffuser, or room spray. This will eliminate the variety of smells coming from different rooms, like the kitchen, bathroom, and even the litter box in the basement. Make your guests comfortable and provide them with a friendly scented home to come into.

2. Improve Mood
Research has shown that scent can impact mood. Different scents can have therapeutic effects, with some alleviating anxiety, easing you into a state of calmness, and others benefiting things like headaches. Try these combinations for starters:

  • Lavender for relaxation and anxiety reduction 
  • Citrus for energy and alertness
  • Tropical scents for seasonal depression
  • Peppermint for headaches

3. Foul Odors
No one wants to live in a home that gives away the fact that you have pets, teenagers, or trash that has been in the bin a day too long. Foul odors are a serious turnoff to both guests and family members who reside in the house. Keep things fresh with luxury scents that are designed to help to eliminate odors. Try these:

  • Lemon for the kitchen
  • Ocean scents for the bathroom
  • Floral scents for pet odors
  • Vanilla for any room

4. Express Yourself
Your home is an extension of your own personality. Just like you might wear a signature scent or a fragrance that is associated with you, your house can have one too. Remember, smell is just as noticeable - and memorable - as decor, so be sure to choose a quality scent. That way, the next time someone encounters a similar smell, they will have fond memories of you and your home.

Remember - Don’t settle for just any home fragrance. Be sure to find a fragrance with quality ingredients and potency. Beau Vie uses only the finest fragrances to create artisan-grade candles, reed diffusers, and room sprays. Contact us to elevate, inspire, and balance your home.